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This is your brain on redfish!
Any Questions?

1. How long have you been fishing?
Since I was about six years old. I had my first boat when I was 10. When I wasn't working as a deck hand on one of the party boats, I'd be fishing on my own. I'd keep the family in fish most of the time. Then if the boat wouldn't run I'd go wade fishing.

2. How many years professionally?
I started guiding when the railroad layed me off from my engineers job in 1977.

3. Where have you fished?
I've fished most of the Texas Gulf Coast as well as some in the Caribbean. Most of my saltwater fishing has been right here in the Lower Laguna Madre.

4. How long have you been fishing salt water?
I fished the salt in my younger years and then switched to bass fishing. In "77" I switched back to saltwater and now fish about 99.9/10ths in the salt. When I go on vacation, I usually head for a river to try my hand at steam fishing with my fly rod.

5. What Type of fishing can we expect?
Depends on the time of the year. Fishing is usually great most all year round, but there are those days when fish will not cooperate. Though seldom, it happens. There are different times of the year that are better for different species. However we can usually catch some of all of the different species year round.

6. Can we book you for tournaments?
I can be booked for any tournament that you would like to fish. Although rates may change a little depending on the amount of hours it lasts.

7. What tournaments do you compete in?
I always fish the TIFT which is always the first weekend in August. I also fish the Top Gun and the Guides Cup, as well as the ladies in the Redfish Rodeo and the Ladies Kingfish Tournament, both in the bay division.

8. Do you take families with children, and how young?
Family outings are great. I am actually fishing the kids of some of my older clients now who have kids of their own. So it's a three generation outing.. WOW I must be getting close to retiring........NOT!!!!

9. What Type of fish do you enjoy fishing for?
The nice thing about our fishing here in the Lower Laguna Madre is that they all have their seasons. So I enjoy fishing for all of them. But my biggest passion is hunting big "Gator Trout" with the fly rod.

10. Can you provide all or some equipment,
All equipment is provided unless you want to bring your own. My tackle is perfectly suited for what we do and I maintain new or like new equipment for my clients. I also furnish all lures, bait, or flies, what ever is needed for which ever type of fishing you are interested in.

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