Fishing Report May 1

May 4th, 2009

The last couple of weeks has been a real challange because of the spring winds. However we have been catching plenty of trout and reds. Last week I was guiding Tony Woodward and his freind Scott flyfishing, they managed to land 27 redfish and numerous lady fish and several large trout over the three days they fished.

Before that we had been hitting some early heards of redfish and limiting out on them in short order when we could find the schools. The wind makes it difficult but sometimes we’d get lucky.

 Limits of trout have been the norm over the last two weeks but as of late they have been a little harder to find because of the wind stiring up the waters where we have been catching them. All of the fish with the exception of the fly fishing have been coming on white Berkly Gulp. The fly guys were catching their fish on Spoon Flies.

Here is a video of Scoot Sparrows group when we were all fishing the sand flats. Lines, Skipper Ray 956-943-2798

March fishing 09

March 7th, 2009

Well the fronts have not made it down and the wind has not settled and probobly won’t for a while. However the fishing is still great. 3-5&6-09 found us on the water again and catching our limit of trout on the same old bait I’ve been using, Gulp. The reds have been a little more spotty but we’ve still managed to limit on them as well. There again Berkley Gulp did the trick. So even with the extra wind the fishing is still good. Haven’t been able to try any flounder though. Tight Lines,

Febuary Fishing

February 27th, 2009

The fishing for this month has been as hot as I have ever seen it for this time of year. We’ve been catching lots of trout and reds with the reds running on the large side. The trout fishing has been great with limits plus being the norm. The trout have been of average size in the 17 to 20″ range. We’re catching them on white Gulp 4″ shrimp on a jig head. Look to the pot holes for the best action.

Fishing Report for 12-4-08

December 6th, 2008

The redfish have been OK this past week but the trout have been pretty easy to catch. We’ve limited just about every day for the last week when we got out. The edge of the ICW has been holding plenty of trout around the 59 marker and up. Gulp is still the bait of choice for this captain but live shrimp have been working as well. The better trout have been coming on the gulp, white 3 or 4”. Flounder are still holding their own with a few coming from the ICW but there seems to be more caught in South Bay.Tight Lines,    Capt. Skipper 

Fishing Report for 11-18-08

November 20th, 2008

The fishing this week has been pretty good with the exception of the front we had come through. Before the front we caught plenty of redfish and some trout. Here at Island outfitters we had a group from Brownsville come in and fished a half day on 6 boats. Four of the six limited on redfish with nine each and had four or five trout to boot. The other two boats were real close to their limits. After the front it slowed down but today is the transition day and fishing will pick back up to normal. I was out yesterday and saw lots of fish on the west side of the ICW around three Island area but couldn’t get them to bite.

Tight Lines,Capt. Skipper Ray 956-943-2798

Fishing Report for 08-31-08

September 1st, 2008

As fall moves ever closer and we get father away from Dolly the fishing is getting back to normal. We’ve been catching lots of trout but no reds until recently. Normally redfish are the most prolific fish for August but it’s been the trout this year.

Redfish have started showing up as of late and we limited out yesterday on Gulp. Most of the other guides here have been doing the same thing for the last three days.  I’ve been tarpon fishing for the last few days and have had a ball jumping them on the fly. The tarpon have started their migration south and I try to be out there for that as much as possible. All and all fishing is pretty good right now for most everything.

Tight Lines, Skipper

Fishing Report for 7-16-08

July 21st, 2008

Well the fishing guides of South Padre Island Outfitters have all been struggling since the rains of July 4 weekend. However we still managed to box quite a few fish even though the patterns changed. Now however we are starting to settle back into some fish catching patterns just in time for Dolly to show up. Most of the fish we’ve been catching have come from the ICW. The bag limit of trout with quite a few flounder thrown in has been the norm as of late.  Redfish have all but disappeared; but I have started seeing some showing back up in the last few days.

Fishing Report for 6/10/08

June 11th, 2008

Trout fishing has really picked up over the last few days. Limits are being caught and the redfish are being finicky. Right now the reds are acually bitting better in the afternoons rather than the mornings.
The trout are being caught on white 4″ gulp on a 5/0 circle hook while the reds are being caught mostly on cut bait.Good fishing and tight lines, Skipper

Fishing Report for 5-29-08

May 29th, 2008

Well Just as I predicted after the little slow down we’re back to catching lots of fish again. Trout showed back up on the color change and the reds are back on the gas well flats. I’m still catching them on the Gulp. Seems right now they are hiting most any color but white is best.

I’ve been flyfishing several times last week and the reds have finaly started to tail for me a little. We’ve been finding 10 to 12 pods early in the mornings around the mud dumps and heading out to the sand when the sun gets on up.

Tight Lines, Skipper

Fishing Report for 5-16-08

May 16th, 2008

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. The fishing slowed down the last few days with the slower moving tides. We’re still catching fish but not limits as was the case last week and beyound. Either limits of trout or reds but not both. I did limit yesturday but it took a full day trip to do it. I expect it to pick back up after this weather blows by.

Tight Lines, Skipper