Janurary 2008

Fishing in January has been enormously successful considering the few bad days when hardly anything would strike.   Most days we saw plenty of action on the reds and trout.  We also caught  a surprising number of  flounder.   

On 1/2 I took out Trey Cox and he and I caught our limit of reds and released several more.  On 1/8 I took the Sankey family out for a half day and they managed to catch 4 reds before we started in on the trout. They caught 10 trout before we ran out of time.  On 1/11 I took out my new girlfriend Lola and we caught our limit of trout in about 30 minutes and went looking for flounder. We found 14 or 15 but only boated 4 keepers. Along with the flounder and trout we caught a red and a black drum so we had a good box of fish. I have had several other charters in January and they all  went great.  So the fishing’s great here and I’m here too, where are you????

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