Fishing Report May 1

The last couple of weeks has been a real challange because of the spring winds. However we have been catching plenty of trout and reds. Last week I was guiding Tony Woodward and his freind Scott flyfishing, they managed to land 27 redfish and numerous lady fish and several large trout over the three days they fished.

Before that we had been hitting some early heards of redfish and limiting out on them in short order when we could find the schools. The wind makes it difficult but sometimes we’d get lucky.

 Limits of trout have been the norm over the last two weeks but as of late they have been a little harder to find because of the wind stiring up the waters where we have been catching them. All of the fish with the exception of the fly fishing have been coming on white Berkly Gulp. The fly guys were catching their fish on Spoon Flies.

Here is a video of Scoot Sparrows group when we were all fishing the sand flats. Lines, Skipper Ray 956-943-2798

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