Fishing report for 4/22/08

Now that the weather is warming up it’s beginning to look a lot like summer. Last week I had  Lawrance Davis out for three 1/2 days along with his wife. They caught so many fish that they released them all on the third day. She caught most of the reds on cut bait using bally hoo. Lawrance caught most of the trout on Gulp. They seemed to like the pearl white in 4 ” the best but they did hit all the colors we threw at them.

The Roaney family came in on Sunday and did pretty much the same thing with 6 reds and 8 trout. They were treating their fishing guide Arin from Alaska to a little warmer fishing. He loved the fact he could site cast to redfish in the shallow clear waters of the gas wells. He said he would take some Gulp home with him and try them out on those coldwater fish. Go figure…….

Tight Lines, Skipper

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