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Fishing Reports for Late January

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Things are starting to pick up a little bit more as Mike P. and I went out and snagged 5 reds and 4 trout in about an hour. Throwing Gulp we hit these fish pretty quick and came home to leave them for later.

 The weather is starting to get a little more stable which is helping a lot. Some beautiful water is coming in through the Jetties and some nice fish are coming in with it. Look around Port Isabel and the south end of the bay for fish to start showing up there first.

Happy New Year FIshing

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Well the year has started off with everything but a bang, well the fireworks woke me up at midnight. However, the fishing has been slow to fair. We have been able to catch a good number of trout and ieke out a limit of reds from south bay for the most part.

The trout seem to be biteing live bait better than the gulp right now, go figure. The reds are consuming cut bait better than anything else. The frontal passages just seem to be keeping them a little lathargic for the most part. But it’s like they say it’s better than being at work ……. for ya’ll:)