Island Outfitters

Go for a gratifying morning catching fish.
You'll have one of the finest professional guides.
He will find the fish and put you on top of them.
You'll be outfitted with everything you need
for any type of fishing conditions.

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Spin Casting or Fly-fishing Get Ready To Catch Some Fish.

You need a fast shallow draft boat to get to the best fishing spots.

Sight fishing for redfish on the flats. Why fishing guides offer
the best in fishing experiences.

The Island Outfitters crew consists of leading South Padre Island fishing guides and captains to ensure you have an incomparable fishing experience.

At Island Outfitters, we provide the luxury of not having to worry about fueling, packing, launching, cleaning and obtaining the necessary gear. We supply you with all of the gear and bait you will need.

We work with a network of independent fishing guides that bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge to each trip. Most importantly, they assist us in locating the best spots for fishing by sharing their navigation expertise and fishing strategies.

If you are ready to plan and book your Lower Laguna Madre deep sea fishing trip or fishing charter in South Padre Bay, contact us or text us at 956-433-9935. We can arrange services for last minute charters, big groups and tournaments.

Synergy from networking at Island Outfitters!

Because we have a network of so many independent fishing guides working together under the same roof makes it possible for us to have more information about where the fish are and aren't, new navigational hazards, or arrange services for last minute charters, big groups, tournaments, or breakdowns that you just can't get from a single guide working all alone. Island outfitters guides are all experienced "professional guides" not just guys who like to fish. We know how to show our customers a great fishing experience and enable them to get the most from each trip. This is why we have so many repeat customers and referrals.

Current guided fishing charter rates:
Typical fishing trips are set for about five hours and eight hours. Longer fishing trips of ten hours can also be arranged.

Catch Big Trophy  Reds *5 hr. trips are $400 for two people
and **$75 for each additional person

*8 hr. trips are $600 for two people
and **$75 for each additional person

*10 hr. trips are $700 for two people
and **$75 for each additional person

*Prices may vary according to tournament demands.
**Availability for groups of more than three may be limited due to boat sizes.
There is a maximum limit of four people per boat fishing.

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